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Captain Ami K'nuckles,set sail on 26 January 1993

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i dream
Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 11:56 AM

day 12

the boat is rocking left to right
am i not right?

the waves crashing onto the boat
is like a lullaby to my ears
it makes me sleep fr thousands of years

i dreamt..

i dreamt of the being,the one
sitting beside me on the deck
enjoying the breeze of the ocean

we did not talk much
not like the sound of the crew march

i hope tht the dream will come back to me
in the near future
as i have not experiance her culture

sweet dreams...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010 at 11:11 PM

day 11.

been sailing the the sevenseas.
accountered many obsticles in this rough sea.

but i could not see
the one
the being,
that is half human and half fish

oh how wish..

how i wish
to be standing a meter to this
feminine yet rare to see
swimming among the creatures of the sea

im Captain Ami K'nuckles
and im gona sail through the sevensea

im not gona turn this ship around
just because the sea god is not on my side

i will find this elegant creature..
eventhough she is not looking fr me

even it takes a million years.
even it is the myths of the dead pirates

i'll still believe
tht one day she will appear
i hope shes not with a spear

as she was with one
it means,shes has found a someone..

the half of the day.
Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 4:18 PM

well today.

went to skool.
took 168 today.it was fine.
but the weather was awesome!
it rained!so went to class straight.but
thn the aircon spoil.so i sat outside alone coz its much
more cooler than inside.thn i tweeted.
thn went inside back coz the rain attacked me! haha
so went in.thn do some work on my assignment 2.need to hand up by 31 augustus
so yeah.checked FB and tweet again.
thn wondering what shes doing haha.
thn went to lunch.just ate burger.
after came bck frm lunch.teacher explains some paper size.thn done.
me and my friend we're really bored.
so we drew on my frends hand...opps..no not hand...its arm! hahaha.
we both imagine tht its like at a tattoo shop..give him advice on wat he wants..and we give some suggestion..haha..we were damn bored..but it was fun "tattooing" my friends arm.we even make the sound tht the tattoo machine makes...ZzZzzzZZz hahha
and the victim played along..act like the "tattooing" was painful.
i only chareged him around 200++..haha my other friend charged him 1000+ and said tht he need to come another day to finish it up hahah

my friend this this(below) and his name is 'Dee'

and this what i did(below)

after tht.went home with my friend.and i got to rite the coldest bus again! niceee !damn happy sia!

reached wdlnds interchange went to coldstorage to buy kinderbueno to pay my fine
hahaha . well thts about it:)..mayb gona blog later at night:)

Monday, August 9, 2010 at 8:13 PM


the fireworks at cwp can be seen frm my kitchen window..
it was short and small..after it finish..me and my brother shout frm the window.."BORIIING !!!" hahah

well today was fun as i went out with mileen! :DD
it was fun fr me.but im sorry if shes find it boring :/
today went to bugis cause she wants to buy a watch
i hope the rash does not appear!*cross-fingers*
after tht.walked2 around bugis fr awhile..yeah there were alot of
vintage girls dress! all nice nice sia

thn it was 5pm.we took 960 bus bck hme..damn WARM sia the bus..
so i took out papers frm my bag to let her fan herself...BUT the most embarrassing thing happened! okays fersty i gave her the papers..

thn theres is like my notes on the paper..thn skali she turned the paper and saw sumthin and quickly threw it on my lap.i was like what sia..thn i look at the paper
i got write sumthin about her on the paper..i was shocked! i frgot all about it siaa serious..it was not intentional...OMG! stupid siaa...argh...paiseh sia..im really sorry mileen..it was suppose to be my personal thoughts oni...really sorry mileen :/

after reach interchange sent her home:)

this song explains what im feelin

And who would've thought that a cutie-pie just like you,
would have anything to do with a smelly-dude like me?
I find it hard to believe.
And who would've thought that you ever would've,
kissed my cheek in your backyard,
on your trampoline that night,
I never put up a fight.

And I know that your all shook up,
from a terrible relationship,
he broke your heart,
yeah, he tore you into pieces,
but I promise you dear,
I'll never touch you like he did,
so, baby, please take my hand,
& you'll never be alone again.


And every single time I look into your eyes,
I see a little bit´╗┐ more sunshine,
feel a little bit more like me
more like me,
instead of who it turns out to be,
when treated for a thing, could've called you my baby,

And I know that your all shook up,
from a terrible relationship,
he broke your heart, yeah he tore you into piece
but I promise you dear, I'll never touch you like he did.
So baby please take my hand and you'll never be alone again.
Cause I know he broke your heart, but I'll love you till the end.

So baby please take my hand and you'll never be alone again.
So baby please take my hand and you'll never be alone again.
So baby please take my hand and you'll never be alone again

Doing.Thinking.Feeling.Lately.I LOVE CATS !
Sunday, August 8, 2010 at 9:24 PM


gonna start off by saying
stuuuuuupid sia the jam otw to JB!.
3 hrs jam sia.wth.
got fustrated fr the ferst time coz i slept.but whn woke up
still jam!...waah.

breathe in breathe out....pheeew...

okays well yesterday went to malaysia.sent my grandpa to his house in batu pahat.

then theres ofcoz..alot of cats in my grandpa house so my grandpa believes tht the cats are there to be symphathize...and he keeps alot of cats. and i really love cats too.got this cat a kitten.her right eyes were like damaged abit,it alwas keeps go under my legs whn im sitting on the floor.so i think..why is she doing tht..and it just hit my my tht..tht day was cold.as it was raining..so i picked up the kitten and put it at my side lap.and put my arm beside it to make more warmer fr the kitten.and end up..the kitten slept..cutee :)

after tht..we went to my mums mom house..tht is my grandma at melacca.
reached there.theres another cat ! and i remebered tht the last time i saw the cat it was a kitten like at my granpa's house..now...fuuhhh whn i ferst saw it yesterday..it was the stand tht the cat took was like a tiger ! serious..and i cant believe tht the cat is tht big already...time really flies..

and in my mind..there always be her..
whn i was in malaysia.i was confident tht i will ask her or tell her about my feelings whn i reach SG...im really damn confident!..but..
now im in SG..i just cant seem to tell her...im just tooo afraid siaa...afraid of her reaction ! argh... shuld i or shuld i not..i think shes interested in other guys..
i dunno..she does not show any signs...showing tht shes interested in me..
am i out of her league?...:(...today i found a 2 dollar,is tht a sign? tht i shuld tell her? hmmmss...

p.s. the 'she' im refering.is not my ex.

Going Malaysia in 6 hrs
Saturday, August 7, 2010 at 12:51 AM

hello there.

gg to blog about my slack today.
originally i was gg to snore fr the day but
some girls were like screaming and shout at the ferst floor
and im at the 12 floor..still i feel like im staying at 2nd floor!
the girls screaming waass so irritating ! i called my frend and asked where they were
so i tidy my hair,wore shirt,watch,pants,necklace,set up my scooter and ooff to woodgrove~

it made my stress low fr awhile..
met with my frends ,and they did not fail to make me laugh.
bought lime juice coz i was soo tired frm scooting frm my bloc to woodgrove and its
at a affordable prize 1 dollap ! its really refreshing :D
after tht we talked and laugh.but whn i saw...hmmms...it reminds me of her..hmms

then we move on to 'menteri' we called it..its actually at a playground haha yeah.
met new frends.one was funny like hell.me,kiki and syam was laughing at his jokes and randomness haha
after tht it was 10pm..the lights whn off and everybody was gg off.but some stayed including me.so i talked about her to my frends..they gave me some advice..yeah.
soon it was 1040. so decided to go off ferst while my frends stayed a little longer.

so i scoot back home.reached around 11pm.

reached home>bath>dry hair>eat>play around with my youngest bro>watch tv>laugh
watching somthing funny kept my mind off of her fr awhile..but whn commercial..shes running in my mind every sec.

and now im blogging till my eyes cant take it anymore...

still thinking of her...

Shuld i or Shuld i not .
Friday, August 6, 2010 at 3:31 PM

today my mind popped a question..shuld i or shuld i not tell her..
shes my frend but i admire her secretly..but if she does not accept me..
i dowan our frendship to end..im scared if tht happens..:/
hmms what shuld i do ?.

i've asked my frend.if i shuld tell her or not? or i shuld just giv up coz
i noe tht shes interested in another guy..and not me..
but my frend says tht i shuld tell her..my heart also feels tht way..but im just scared tht our friendship gonna end or being awkward...but im fine if she does not accept me
but i dont noe how she will react !..hmms thts the problem !

i dont noe..i dont noe..i've been thinkin about her..soo much lately..
shuld i just give up on her and stay as good frends...or shuld i at least let her now tht i admire her...OMG sia...haha...confused..:/